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La Cesenate

Innovation, research, technology
the future began in 1949

La Cesenate was established in Cesena in 1949.
When an ancient family of pharmacists joined forces with a family of land owners. Respect for the land runs in the lifeblood of this company: the experience of rural work and a vocation for clean farming, free from pesticides.

Production has always been natural and organic, predating the introduction and recognition of organic certifications.

The story

This story began with the production of fruit preserves.
It continues with a specialization in the production of tomato and vegetable preserves as well as fruit purees for babies.

Today La Cesenate is Italy’s number one organic fruit producer and is the majority
shareholder of Alce Nero, a leading brand of the organic market.


Luigi Rossi
founded La Cesenate.
The company
was created
when a family
of land owners
met a family
of pharmacists.


It specialized
in the production
of tomatoes
and fruit
purees for babies.


The company is now
guided by the third
generation of the family.
Arturo Santini,
current Chairman
starts the journey
of growth and


Acquisition of shareholding
in Alce Nero,
a reference organic
brand in Italy.


The partnership
with Alce Nero grows,
of which La Cesenate
becomes majority

Baby food

Due to its attention to healthy and organic nourishment, La Cesenate is also one of the most important producers of baby food and in Italy is the only one to use 100% Italian meat and fish.

The products

The range of organic and conventional products is extensive and continuously evolving:
tomato preserves, vegetables, pulses, soups, sauces, pestos and pâtés, fruit purees, plant-based beverages.
Specialties dedicated not only to widespread consumption, but also to the catering and industry market.

The production supply chain

The extremely short and integrated supply chain is one of the strong points of La Cesenate.
Everything starts from the seed, thanks to Sais, company of the group manufacturing seeds.
It continues with sustainable and natural farming under the careful eyes of an expert agronomist team,
on over 1000 hectares of highly suited land. All the way through to processing, an area of excellence
dedicated to ‘delicate’ processes which preserve the organoleptic and nutritional properties of products.
State-of-the art technologies guarantee food quality and safety standards.
Production is constantly monitored to guarantee exceptional quality and freshness.
This no-compromise commitment is endorsed by all major international certifications,
guaranteeing the quality and safety of food products.