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Goodness of Italian gastronomic savoir faire, ready to enjoy

Ingredients with
a difference

From the land, a new world of pulses, grains and vegetables

Nothing but high
quality ingredients

Healthy nourishment and well-being, rigorous goodness

The Hell of a Taste philosophy

Healthy goodness: pulses, grains and crucifers
All the nourishing properties and fibers of grains and protein-rich pulses combined with the virtuous anti-oxidant benefits of crucifers, the cauliflower and broccoli family.
Discover the well-being of healthy nourishment that is good for you and your palate.

For those who choose a healthy and delicious diet
Delicacies dedicated to those who choose a healthy and genuine diet, without renouncing the flavor. Simple yet complete recipes, naturally cooked without compromising the integrity of flavor and nutritional elements. Made with all the creativity and savoir faire of Italian cuisine.

Quality ingredients at the service of Italian gastronomic tradition 
Rigorously selected ingredients, sourced and grown in areas of origin, to rediscover and reinterpret the flavors of Italian tradition. Quality and genuineness guaranteed by a conscientious supply chain, with a consolidated experience in high quality vegetable preserves.

Are you a health conscious
hell of a taster?

Discover what qualities it takes to be one hell of a taster

  1. You enjoy eating properly, without compromising on goodness and flavor
  2. You choose quality original products, with unique and exquisite ingredients
  3. You appreciate the flavors and creativity of Italian cuisine
  4. You prefer products with short and clear labels, made from natural ingredients
  5. You have a balanced diet, containing all the nutritional properties of pulses and grains, as well as the beneficial properties of crucifers
  6. You enjoy an extensive variety of vegetables by alternating colors and flavors everyday
  7. You prefer simple recipes, naturally cooked, free from preservatives, conserving all the flavor and nutritional properties of ingredients
  8. Even if you have little time, you reward yourself with delicious, light, well-balanced recipes that are ready to be enjoyed.
  9. You are prepared to experiment with new flavors but you also know how to appreciate the rediscovery of traditional Italian flavors, like ancient grains
  10. You don’t like waste and choose sustainable packaging, like glass jars

Delicious & simple delicacies, ready to enjoy

Naturally cooked recipes, in accordance with a light cooking method which preserves all the flavor,
consistency and nutritional properties of ingredients.


Simple and delicious
recipes that can
be enjoyed
as one-course meals
or side dishes.


The rediscovery and
reinterpretation of
traditional Italian flavors.
Ancient grains like
Timilia Wheat
and Monteleone spelt,
along with traditional pulses,
like red chickpeas.

Taste and

Pureed soups that
are rich in ingredients
and flavor,
nutritionally balanced,
for the creation
of soups or side dishes,
with all the well-being
of crucifers.

The colors
of wellness

Creams with the colors
of vegetables,
innovative and delicious
served as a
bruschetta topping,
pasta sauce
or side dish.

Our delicious and quick recipes

Delicious, simple and easy to make recipes,
ready in 5 or 10 minutes.


La Cesenate. Goodness, at its best

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